Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kicking Back in Kalispell

It was hot. How hot was it. Hot enough for us to move to Kalispell & pay $20 a night at the Elk's Lodge where we had electricity and could run our A/C. We couldn't even get away from it by driving around in the car as the A/C sprung a leak in the car. We checked out Whitefish's Moose Lodge where we had stayed in '06. Tried to find someone who could repair the car's A/C.

Thunderstorms & rain brought cooler weather so we took a long drive clear around Flathead Lake. It was a long day broken up with geocaching & enjoying the cool weather. We found this old 1972 Cortez motorhome near one cache. 
Pretty farms with bright yellow fields. 
Fast running water. 
 Lots of wildflower bushes we can't identiy and neither can the locals. (Friend says it's Ocean Spray).
 Pretty lake scenery. And a big island out in the middle of the lake called Wild Horse Island. There is a herd out there. Story is that the Indians swam the horses out there to prevent a rival tribe from stealing them.

Along the way we stopped for fuel and saw this small post office.

Back home we went to Famous Dave's where Donna got a new boyfriend. "Wilbur" sure took a liking to her. She even invited "Wilbur" home. Of course, "Wilbur" turned out to be a "she" and we had a nice visit with her. We had a great time getting to know Michelle.

Downtown Kalispell has this interesting person climbing the store front. Walked downtown for breakfast. Got caught in the rain. Borrowed an umbrella from the restaurant. Moved to Whitefish Moose and discovered a Win here. Steve came over for a visit.

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