Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trout Creek, MT

July 10th
We arrived at North Shore national forest campground near Trout Creek MT. We drove on Scenic route 200. 

There was lots of road construction but the scenery was beautiful. We had to stop at a watercraft inspection station both in ID & MT. Starts to become a nuisance when you do it several times a day. At the one in MT we told the man were we were planning on camping and he said we would be his neighbor.

After lunch in town we just kicked back and read outside in the shade. We had to move a dozen times as the sun moved so I guess that was our exercise for the day. Speaking of exercise we have decide to get up a 7 am. Go for a walk FIRST before having our coffee and computer time.

The next day we downloaded a bunch of geocaches and went forth and got 26. Donna found cache #2700. Bob wanted to go to the next town back and we stopped for a cool drink at Toby's. "Bo" immediately took a liking to Donna. Bob was off taking pictures of the cool bar.  Donna wants to come back with a metal detector when the place burns as all those spots are dollar coins. The entire bar top was covered also. Bob liked this particular wildlife mount.

Since it was still to hot to go home we headed up Bull Lake Canyon road to Libby. It was very scenic  

but our air conditioner quit working and by the time we got home we were ready for a water fight and a cool one. Jim Dunn, the inspector/neighbor came over and joined us. He invited us over for coffee the next morning.

After our walk the next morning we stopped for coffee and his wife had made delicious huckleberry muffins. We sat outside on their veranda overlooking the Noxon Reservoir. They will be rving next winter and will be coming to Yuma so we hope to get reacquainted with them again.

Got back to the rig and headed out to Kalispell. Stayed tuned if we don't melt there will be other blogs.

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