Friday, July 06, 2012

Paddling Priest

Six years ago we stayed at a campground in ID called Beaver Creek. It's a national forest campground on Priest Lake. While there we paddled to Upper Priest Lake through a two mile river/channel connecting the two. We decided to make a day trip and do it again.

We started out and could see snow on the mountain top. 

We had to paddle around a wooden break to get to the channel.  Bob is heading across the lake to get to it.

Last time we did this we saw moose and eagles. This time we only saw a muskrat, a turtle sunning himself
and some ducks.

Donna beached her kayak as soon as we got to the upper lake.
While Bob went out exploring a little.

Back to civilization and a bite to eat we finally got cell service and word that Donna's first great grandchild had arrived.
 Even got this picture on the cell.


tami said...

Congratulations GGMa

Barbara and Ron said...

Beautiful pictures of the lake and congratulations on the 'great' grandchild.

Sue Malone said...

Just clicked on the random and there you were, paddling in one of my favorite places in the world! I did soil survey and lived at that Beaver Creek campground for several months at a time while mapping soils all around upper priest lake. Haven't been back for awhile but would love to get my kayak there! nice post
sue at