Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Independance Day AKA July 4

We hung around the motorhome. Visited our neighbors and went to the ice cream social. Red, White & Blue (huckleberry) ice sundaes. Yum.

We were told that the best firework show was on the Kalispell Indian Reservation at Usk. We left early so we could get our dinner there. At the Pow-Wow Grounds there is a huge open pavilion. Lots of people there.

Hundreds of cars.

The hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, cookies, sno-cones and water were all free. There was no admission.

While there the car wouldn't start. Bob cleaned the battery posts, didn't work. Got a man to jump start it. Started but wouldn't go in gear. He crawled under and the linkage had slipped. Finally got it so it would work and we headed out from the main parking lot to a smaller one that was nearer to the main road.

While waiting for 10 pm and the fireworks we visited with other people.
Saw a buffalo in the pasture. Read and waited.

Although the show only lasted about 25 minutes it was awesome. Instead of just send up a few at a time it was like watching the grand finale of fireworks shows the entire time.

Donna drove home and didn't encounter any wildlife like we did on the way up when we came across this moose.

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