Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Digging Douglas

We moved on to Douglas, WY. Headed for Casper but the Elk's parking lot was too small. Continued east and found a great free (for two nights) riverside city park. Bob had driven 181 miles and it was windy so we got out the chairs sat in the shade and read and wined.
The next day we headed to Ayer's Natural Bridge. It is the only natural bridge in the world that has water running under it.
A back road took us over to
not much there to see for $8 so we left.
  Douglas is where the "Jackalope" was invented. They were everywhere.

We geocached of course. We had a geocoin that wanted to be placed by railroad tracks so we put it in the Railroad Museum cache. While there we looked inside the dining car.
  First the kitchen.
Then the dining room.

The outside too.
After lunch at the Depot restaurant and a little grocery shopping we headed to
 and it was free.
 The teepee from the movie "Dancing with Wolves" was there.

 This cowboy was 500 lbs and Bob is standing by his pants.
Outside was a sculpter called Running with the Big Boys. The rabbit is trying to keep up.

Another Jackalope sighting.

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