Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mammoth Yellowstone

Heading to West Yellowstone we decided to drop down and enter the park at the north entrance. 
It took us past Devil's Slide and into Gardiner.
Thru the Roosevelt Arch.
To our campsite.

Donna spotted a Magpie sunning himself in front of the MH.

Our first evening we took a drive farther into the park to spot wildlife. We found some on the lawn of the hotel.

Didn't see any more that night.

The next morning we went into Gardiner for a late breakfast and a few geocaches. One was on the way to the old gold town of Jardine.
We passed this rustic scene.
And some rusty stuff.
And a "bear" rock. Check it out closely by clicking on the pic. It's a tree for a head.

Our second day at Yellowstone we went to Lamar Valley in the far northeast side. If we saw one Buffalo we saw a 1000.                                                               

Even some antelope.

Donna was driving so Bob could rubber neck. Of course, we had to hit sleet on the Mt. Washburn pass.
 Other scenes were Roaring Mountain. Lots of steamy vents (click on the picture to see them).

 The pretty pass we went
down to return home.

We continued on to West Yellowstone and to our favorite campground Baker's Hole. Along the way we saw more of the springs at Mammoth from the bottom

 and the top.
 A waterfall.

More buffalo.

 Pretty lakes.
The Norris geyer's.
And the Madison River.

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Love the rustic scene and the rusty stuff!