Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh My God Hill

We moved further east to Lovell, Wy. Found a little city park where we can stay free for 3 nights. When we travel on roads we haven't been on we check the Mountain Directory to see if it's doable with the motorhome. One we checked on was called Oh my God Hill. It's 13 miles long with a grade of 10%. We would be going up it. That's a strain so why do it. But Bob was curious so we took the car up. The scenery was nice too.

 The view at the top was awesome but we really weren't at the top.

The flowers were nice too.

We continued up and took the side road to the

 It was another 3 miles round trip to hike to it so we just took
pictures of the sign board.

Our return trip was all down hill. Glad we weren't driving the motorhome this way either.

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Diana said...

When I was a brand new RVer, I went down that hill. I will never go that way again. Ended up going down in 4WD low, after stopping to let the brakes cool down.