Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bighorn Canyon, One by land, two by sea

We took a drive up to Big Horn Canyon our first day in Lovell.
 We saw lots of "More Red Rock?"

 And the pretty lake.


At the Devil's Canyon overlook the view was pretty spectacular.

We saw some bighorn sheep.

There was an old settler's cabin.

And on our way out we saw these deer.

After seeing all the beauty topside we booked in for a boat ride in the canyon for the next morning. This was where we got on.
 Along the way were some more beautiful sites.

The Temple Rock with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This is the point we were on the day before at Devil's Overlook.
 As we were heading back to the marina we spied these bighorn sheep. 10 all together.
 We even crossed the border. Twice.

More red rock.

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