Thursday, September 27, 2012

Canyon De' Chelly, The Rims

We finally made it to Canyon De'Chelly (pronounced De Shay). After setting up at the Cottonwood Campground and a bite of lunch we headed out to drive the Rims. The southside has the most viewpoints so we did it first. The ruins are on the north walls so we were able to get lots of pictures of them and of "More Red Rocks". For those not in the know, Donna's husband used to always say that and every time we come across red rocks one or the other of us say that in rememberance.

Little carions.
  More red rocks.

Spider Women rock is 800 ft high. Legend is that spider women lived under it and taught the native women how to weave.

After dinner we drove the north rim.

Swirly rocks from wind erosion.

Antelope House
gets it's name from the antelope pictographs.
  Mummy ruins.

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