Friday, September 28, 2012

Canyon Tour

Our last day at Canyon De' Chelly we went on an all day tour into the canyon.
It starts out very sandy.

The road gets narrow in spots.

 Many Navajo still live in the canyon in the summer. They raise crops and animals.

Our truck quit running and while we were waiting we had our sack lunches.

We continued on after the replacement truck came.
 Our guide Ron tells us stories when we stop for scenic views.
  Spider Women rock from below.

And another repair on the replacement truck.
These trucks are Koren War era. They are always breaking down. Our friend Jim's truck rolled over a cliff in May killing one person and Jim is still hurting. 

 Mummy Ruins from below.

A pretty flower.
  And more red rock. Hard to pick a few pictures out of the 200 we took on the canyon trip.

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Barbara and Ron said...

I've always wanted to do that canyon tour, although after hearing about the truck rolling over a cliff, I'm not so sure.