Saturday, September 29, 2012

Heading to Winslow

We left Chinle and headed to Winslow. Along the way we stopped at the Hubble Trading Post National Historic Site.

We continued across toward Second Mesa. In the middle of nowhere on Navajo/Hopi reservation you can be sure McD's has a sign,
Pretty scenery & clouds.
After parking in Winslow we went back to see the Little Painted Desert.
Mt. Humphrey, the highest peak in AZ is just visible thru the haze at Flagstaff.
We also toured Homolovi Ruins State Park.
Critters with legs are safe.
Lots of pottery shards were around.

Back at Lodge we met some people. One from Ohio and the other knew a Win friend of ours.
Rob & GloriaAfterwards we went to the "Standing on the Corner" festival a couple of blocks away. Got a bite to eat, danced to the Mexican music and met Deannie Benge, a Win friend who is parked next to us at the Elk's.
The next morning we went to "THE" corner.

 There was a virtual geocache there so we posed with our GPS's to prove we were there. Had to answer a few questions also to claim the cashe.

We found it really wasn't a "building".

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