Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hot Days in Cottonwood

Just like the birds we headed south for the winter. We stopped at one of our favorite Thousand Trails park at Cottonwood, AZ. It's called Verde Valley and we are down in a valley. It was hot but we had electricity and ran the air conditioner.

Our first morning here there was a knock on the door and Joel and Claudia were there. We invited them in for a visit and later that day we went into a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Sorry, to hot, fried brain, no picture.

One day we took a trip to Prescott. It's a higher elevation and we thought it would be cooler and we could do some geocaching and see friends. They were away but we found this cache that everyone has told us was a do not miss. It's in a city park. We found a key that would open the back of this kiosk that held maps.
Once it was opened there were keys in the envelope that unlocked handles on the side and we had to drop balls in and work them thru the maze to a certain point for another door to open where the log book was hiding.
 Here you can see one of the knobs and the door below it.

Back at the campground we had a new neighbor. Shirley Anderson. Guess where she is from. Yup, near Salem. She was a teacher at Alliance and Bob new her brother-in-law who was once mayor of Alliance. She travels in a small class C and we took her with us in our travels to Cottonwood to the Senior Center for lunch and Walmart. We even took her to Jerome because her cousin in Dewey told her to drive that way. That is a definite NO, NO in an RV.

Our last day at the park she made us  waffles. It was a little chilly out.

We went geocaching with another couple we met at Gillette. Jeananjoe, geocachers in Dewey told them to look us up.

Rally time next. Hope we remember to take pictures.

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