Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sundance SI's Prerally

We were the first to arrived for the SI's prerally at Sundance, WY.
 We parked at Rueter Trailhead instead of at the campground over the hill. 

Our second day we took a drive up the road about 20 miles. We stopped at the fire tower about 5 miles from where we are parked. There was a geocache there. Altho Bob is holding the GPS's, Donna actually found it while he visited with someone in the parking lot.
 We then climbed up the tower. The lady who man's it wasn't there so we couldn't climb up to the platform but we still got an awesome view of Devil's Tower from there.
Continuing on we came to Cook's Lake. There is a campground there but to reach it the drive is over 10-15 miles of dirt roads. The camp host is from Ohio and comes here every year.
We continued on up to Rt 24 and paved roads. Heading home we passed Devil's Tower. We already had been there so didn't stop.
 Another day we drove to Keystone Lake area.
The group went to Sundance for lunch, then we went to the WY Welcome Center. This petrified log was beautiful
Continuing on we went to Aladdin to the historic General Store.
 Like prices.

We took a dirt road home. Bob found his next fixer upper.

 There was even a school house nearby if we should have children.

And we would have neighbors.
Check out the cow backing out of the door.

One day the group went to this geocache with us.

It was at this homesteader's cemetary where there young children were buried.
This was their home.
On the way back to camp we stopped at the fire tower again. This time the lady was there and we had a great time visiting with her.
We took a picture of the Keystone Lake we had visited. Center left.

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