Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Rocky Mtn. Ramble Rally

Our group of SI's caravanned into the huge Cam-plex at Gillette, WY. We all parked near to the Frustrated Maestros the musical group who preforms at the rallies. We arrived two days early so Bob & I went geocaching. One was near this huge dragline used for strip mining. Glad it wasn't working.
Coal is mined all around the area. Every day coal trains leave Gillette and supply 45% of the coal used in the country. If the trains where lined up end to end it would be 200 miles long. Each & every day.

We went in search of a cache in this statue. It has been archieved as the owner had died & his wife wanted the cache returned. It wasn't there but the sculpter is interesting.
One day as we were going into a restaurant we saw a lady getting out of a car with Ohio plates. Naturally we invited them to join us. They were from Lancaster, Ohio south of Columbus. They orginally were from South Africa. We had a lovely visit with Don & Jean.

 One evening we spotted our friend Rellene at the evening entertainment and had great visits with her and her companion Ernie.

Every afternoon we had social hour with the SI's. Sometimes it was inside on the really "hot" days and other times outside.

The last evening we all went out to a Mexican Restaurant
Had a great time visiting friends. The rest of the rally didn't live up to it's usual good time.

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