Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lost in Wyoming

We moved 178 miles south to Wheatland, Wy. It's that time of year where we head to "warm". At Wheatland we found the city park that was in our Day's End Directory. 

Donna wanted to show Bob the Oregon Trail Ruts. She had seen them with her husband in the late 90's. Got out the WY atlas & saw a pretty drive toward Gurnsey that wasn't on the interstate.
 We passed Graylock Reservior then took S. Gurnsey Rd toward the Ruts. Except it was the "wrong" S. Gurnsey Rd. Between Donna's atlas reading and our "friendly Henry" GPS we got good and lost but saw some pretty scenery along the way.
 Back near civilization we arrived at historic Ft. Laramie.

  It was to protect the homesteaders from the Indians.

We finally made it to the Ruts.
  Donna loves twisty tree's.
 And Bob got to stand in the ruts.
The Pony Express route was nearby

 on our  way to Register Cliff.
 Bob is reading names & dates.
The Platte River nearby.
 And how Laramie got it's name.

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Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Are you sure Bob was reading? Looks like he could have been adding to the river.