Monday, November 05, 2012

Winds, Rain, Family & Friends

Oct 25. We flew from Phoenix to Cleveland arriving in sunshine. After getting the rental car we drove to Tom's. Donna's son's home in Parma. Everyone was glad to see us. That evening we stayed up until midnight. Another great granddaughter "Kya" was born to her grandson.

The next morning we woke to rain & gray. Tom and his daughter's took us to the Cleveland Science Center. The girls and Bob had a ball running from one exhibit to the next. 
Great dinner at the Hairy Buffalo followed by a cheerleading demo.

On Saturday the 27th we left and headed to Salem where we are from. Stopped in North Canton for lunch with Bob & Kay Luntz, Donna's husband's cousin.

On to Donna's daughter Terri's new home. We were greeted by 4 dogs, 3 grandchildren and a great grandchild. 

The next day we went for breakfast with Bob's sister Penny & her husband Paul. 

Back at the house Donna's daughter and husband Ray came from NC.
Terri's 3 children, Cody, Katy and Kristin, her husband Gary and their daughter, Olivia. Donna's first great grandbaby.
Tracy and her daughter Jessica and fiancee Jason. Lots of noise and visiting.

More visiting the next day. Lunch with John & Cynthia. John worked with Bob a GM. Afterwards we went with Tracy to see Kya the newest great granddaughter. Follow that by a visit with Bob's cousin Donna in Poland.

Tuesday morning we  went out to breakfast with more of Bob's friends then got our eye's examed by Bob's niece, Lory. Our eyes are great for 2 old people and we don't even need new glasses. That evening it was over to Kristen's house for more eating and holding great grandbaby, Olivia. We were up late that night watching Sandy hit the coast. We were without power for about 4 hours.

Halloween was another busy day visiting with both Bob's friends & relatives and Donna's. We squeezed in enough time to visit our financal advisor.

November already. Another busy day. Breakfast with Bob's co-worker's. They agree we should come back more often so they can "see" one another even when they live close to each other. Lunch with Donna's neighbor Marion and then on up to see Wayne (Bob's son) and family. Sorry forgot to take pictures.
Stopped on the way to see Michelle & kids. Bob's side of the family. 

Left Salem after stopping for breakfast at the restaurant Bob's family owned. 
The car next to the restaurant was Bob's.

We returned to Tom's in Cleveland. Got there too early and went to the movies. Saw "Flight". Not a great movie to see just before flying. It was a great movie tho. Out to dinner with them again at Hairy Buffalo.

A four hour LONG flight brought us back to Phoenix and WARM.

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