Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Yo Yoing

November 4
Back in AZ we headed over to the Freightliner Service area and had the motorhome get it's yearly (physical). 

While we were killing time we went to Mesa and visited with Ron & Barbara at their home. We had a nice visit & lunch.

We checked back and the servicing was done. We went out to dinner with Donna's cousin Ken and his wife Deanne. Jerry & Denise, rving friends met us there also.

The portions are huge as you can see by Donna's dessert. Yes, we share everything as it's served family style.

While we were in Phoenix we got a call from our nurse practionier that she wanted to discuss the results of our lab work. Since it looked like we would be having follow-up tests we decided to head back to the Thousand Trails in Cottonwood. Parked in a  different area and have really nice views.

From our dinette.

And out the windshield.

The followup tests couldn't be done here in a timely manner so we headed south.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Thanks for visiting. It was great to spend some time with you both.