Thursday, November 08, 2012

Where it all began

We watched the weather and it was going to snow in Cottonwood and get cold so we turned the key and headed outta there. Came across a dust devil. 
 Even had a little rain. 
Then the sun came out. 

We arrived at mm 99 in Quartzsite where we had originally met almost 7 years ago. It started to rain just after we set up and had a pretty rainbow.  The sunset was beautful. 

The next day we drove to Bouse to get our mail. Donna's was there but Bob's has been all over the west. Both were to be sent to Avondale and be there when we got back from Ohio. Bob's had been sent to Cottonwood and Donna's never sent. Called our mail service & they called the Cottonwood Post Office to have it forwarded to Bouse. At that time we didn't realize we would be in Cottonwood. The post office there sent it on to Bouse but didn't put a NAME on it so the postmaster there sent it back to TX. Now we have to wait for it to back there and request it to be sent again. First screw up in 15 years of using their service but it was a BIG one.

Back home we sorted stuff to be donated to the Care Auction that Chapter 7 will be having. Bob installed new speakers for the TV so he can finally hear every word.

We went out dancing on Saturday night to Hot Country at the Yacht Club.
Sat with Millie.

We went out one day geocaching and when we got back there was a note from Duaine Childs, a WIN friend. We met him in town for dinner at Silly Al's.

The Chapter 7 group arrived and we helped with the tent set up the next.

Meantime we hear that our WIN group was going to fold. Bob heard that the owner would sell it for $1. Bob decided to buy it and we have been up to our ears in phone calls and internet messages.

The activites for the Chapter 7 were fun. It was a small group so we got to visit and get to know them better. We also visited with Bob Magda & Ted M.

One day we took a drive to Blythe, CA for a lab test for Donna, to Parker for banking and shopping and a stop off to see Bud & Nancy. We were gone for 8.5 hours before getting back to home sweet home out on the desert.

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Jim said...

Hi Donna and Bob,
I went paperless about three years ago and it's wonderful. You can do it also! Glad to hear about WIN...I'll be rejoining. I still have my former member badge. Talk to you later. Jim Jaillet