Friday, November 16, 2012

B & N Thanksgiving

We moved all of 35 miles to the B&N camp. It's 1 1/2 miles off the paved road out into the desert. Our friends Bud & Nancy introduced Donna to this site before we had ever met. We spent time last year here at Thanksgiving too. We even named a geo-cache B & N and it's nearby.

Coffee time at their rig every morning, happy hour or two every afternoon and we even had a campfire one night.

We took a long drive on Tuesday to Borrigo Springs, CA. Bob had decided to buy the WIN organzation and turn it over to the membership to run. He explained what he had in mind. A interim committee was formed to find out what the members desired. The rest of the week was emails, phone calls and restless/sleepless nights.

We did stop in Indio on our way home for dinner with our friend Brad.

Thanksgiving day Nancy made dinner and we brought rolls and a pie. Didn't want leftovers the next day so we met Lee & Clay, Bud & Nancy at the Grubstake for a huge meal of fish & chips. Earlier in the afternoon we visited Jim & Barb Denning who we met last year out here on the desert.

Saturday afternoon Bud & Nancy and us went to Parker to the Elk's Lodge then out to dinner at the Blue Water Casino. Our dinner was cheap but they made up for it with Donna's gambling losses.

It's so relaxing out here we hate to leave to head for Yuma but with Bob's doctor appointment and more Win meetings it off we go. When we arrived we parked at the VFW/BLM. At this point Bob called Sharon, the Win owner and told her he was not going to buy the Win's. We drove out to see our lot at Kofa and it was empty. It was a very noisy night next to the tracks & cars heading to the proving grounds so we got up early and headed to our lot. Had breakfast, visited with a friend and headed to Bob's Doctor's appointment. He will have his test on Thursday.

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