Monday, November 26, 2012


Wow, we love our lot. While we were gone we had hired Jose to add to our patio. He placed these pretty square blocks across the back of the lot so we have a semi-private patio area and it's shaded by the shed.

Speaking of the shed. Bob started sorting all the stuff we stuffed into it last winter when we first got the lot. He and our friend Curt emptied the trailer we used to tow. He dusted, sorted and disposed of a lot of stuff. Meanwhile, I was doing the same to the motorhome including putting up the Christmas tree.

Time out for Bob to have a doctor's appointment, followed 3 days later by a colonoscopy, followed by a day of recovery before starting the projects he wanted to do while here with his tools.

The days have been sunny and warm. Low 80's. We are getting to know the people in the park. Some of them we know from the Chapter 7 rallies we've been too. They tell us the park is very empty this year as opposed to other years. Must be the price of fuel.

Sunday morning we went to church at the clubhouse. We took the rest of the day off afterwards and went to the AZ Market. It's changed hands this year so there is no charge to go and the vendors have come back. Lots to see but we didn't buy a thing. From there we headed to the Foothills. Stopped and visited with Ron & Sharon Mead. Lunch followed at a Mexican Restaurant then it was off to the VFW's afternoon dance. We weren't wearing the proper shoes so only managed 2 dances but we had a great time seeing & visiting with old friends.

Sunday nights is an ice cream social with announcements for the coming week. Lots to do. Bob caught a cold so even our working has come to a halt.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Hey! I really love those blocks!