Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Busy, Dizzy Week

Bob wanted to do so much while we were here at our lot. He would get busy and then he would get dizzy. This was very unusual for him. He started checking his blood pressure and it was higher than usual. Not much was accomplished in the shed. We did manage to do a couple of the bays. Donna would take things out, clean them and put them back wherever he decided they should go.

We attended the Chapter 7/Roadrunner's Christmas luncheon at the Elk's Lodge in town. 
Santa even gave us a hug and a candy bar. 

The Boomer's group had a social hour at Ron & Sharon Mead's place in the Foothills. We planned on going out to dinner afterwards but the hor'douver's were very filling. 
It was great seeing lots of friends and making new ones.

We won't lose weight while here. Besides the Wednesday Social hour with HEAVY hor'douver's there is the Saturday morning breakfasts and Sunday night ice cream socials to go to. Even had a "burn your own" one night.

We went to the movies one night and saw Lincoln.

Bob had a followup visit with the Endoscopy Dr and he will have to have another one in February as they didn't get very far. The polyp was okay. They recommended he see another doctor because of the dizziness. Found one in the phone book and Bob got checked out that afternoon.

More blood work the next morning to be followed by Ultrasound and MRI in the coming weeks. While we were in town we went to the Welome Back Bash at the fairgrounds. Saw more friends there. Celeste Vaughter's and Jim & Mary. Got lots of literature on the area and lots of cookies and candy. Told you we aren't going to lose weight

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