Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What's Up or Down

We planned on just a few weeks on our lot here at the SKP Kofa Co-op then out to the desert. As stated in our last blog Bob got the dizzies and didn't get much accomplished except for seeing Doctor's and getting lots of tests done. He no longer is dizzy but gets winded and has to sit down and rest. The appointments will stretch out into February so it looks like we will be here most of the winter. We bought this site in February for a place to stay when we got old and couldn't travel. I guess that time has come....a lot sooner than we planned. Our site is across from the boondock area and on the main street.

We see everyone who comes in and since a lot of our friends dry camp they aren't too far away. Ron Walker parked there and visited with us. He & Bob talked Solar....what else.
The sunrises out our windshield are awesome. 

On 12/12/12 we went to Old Town Lute's Casino for a geocache event.


We have been going to the movies with Boomer's then out to dinner afterwards.

We have been running into Yuma almost on a daily basis. Doctor appointments, shopping, movies and social times with friends & groups.

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Barbara and Ron said...

Ron and I are wishing good things for Bob. It's so frustrating when the doctors can't find what's wrong. Hope he's all better soon.

We're spending the holidays with the WINs in Yuma. We'll be there tomorrow. Hope to see you soon.