Monday, December 24, 2012

The Year's End

 Between Doctor visits Bob got to play with his Christmas present (until he flew it into the 5th wheel next door and broke it). You can see it hovering above the box about 3/4 of the way up the shed. It's a Drone and he had fun while it lasted. Ordered parts to fix it.

Christmas Day found us visiting friends on the desert. First the Boondocker's on Ogilby Rd.   
Then the Boomer's at Lake Mittrey.  
Isn't Sharon's hat cute.

 Then we went to the VFW to see friends. The Win's were there in mass and everyone seemed glad to see us and wished we were parked out there with them. Back at the park we went to the clubhouse for Christmas dinner. There were 12 of us at our table. The club provided the ham, turkey, potatos & gravy and each table brought there own salads, appitizers, vegetables, desserts and we brought rolls. After they were passed around they were taken to a long table to share with the other tables. To say we left there stuffed is an understatement.

The day ended with another beautiful desert sunset.

Donna got ambitious one day and touched up the dancer's on our shed.

New Year's eve day Bob had an MRI and he fainted prior to the test. Didn't feel well all day so we spent a quiet evening at home.


Jim said...

ssoolHi Donna and Bob,
Sorry to hear he broke the neighbor's 5th wheel...:)
Also sorry to hear Bob is not feeling well. Please pass on our best wishes to him. Mary finally rejoins me tomorrow after a 199 day absence. Bet wishes to you both for a Happy New Year!

Barbara and Ron said...

Geez, this is getting serious. We're hoping Bob feels better soon and is back to his chipper self.

Happy New Year to you both!