Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The New Year Begins

New Year's Day finds Donna judging the Polar Bear Splash. There were 3 brave souls who donned bathing suits and hit the pool.
They were probably warm than the judges as their pool was heated. 

After all was over there was a hot dog roast which we attended. We are getting to know our neighbors.

Every Wednesday we have been going to the movies with our Boomer's group. Someone picks a movie and a restaurant to dine at afterwards. We are seeing some good flicks and having fun meeting our Boomer friends.

Bob was feeling better this week so we ventured into Mexico. Algodones is the snowbirds haven. We get haircuts for $3-10. Teeth cleaning for $35. Glasses for around $90 with bifocals & transition lenses and this year we discovered they even have a hearing aid place. Bob got 2 hearing aids, battery charger, bluetooth all for less tha $3000. It would cost close to $7000 in the states. After lunch we stopped by the Purple store and got another bottle of our favorite tequila.

Saturday Bill Gott came by to advise Bob on wiring our hot water tank to work off our solar. Then it was out to lunch with him and Bob Magda & Ted M. 

On Sunday we drove up to Lake Martinez where the WIN's had gathered. Only 7 rigs there. We visited with Janet & Doug and Bob showed off his Drone. Then we went to the local restaurant to dance, listen to music and try to visit with our friends. The music was so loud we left early. Stopped at the VFW to see more friends and have a dance or two. Stopped by another WIN gathering east of Foothill Blvd out on the desert. Saw Brad, who helped Donna figure out some things on her Kindle. Back home it was off to the Ice Cream Social at the clubhouse.

Donna has been transferring hundreds of her old travel pictures to the computer. A very time consumming process. She hopes to publish her own blog and convert it into a book like we do for our blog.

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Desert Diva said...

Sounds like a good time. I'm glad that Bob is feeling better! :-)