Saturday, January 19, 2013

The next Chapter

While at our lot in Yuma we waited for Bob's medical tests to be completed.

The weather turned cooler and put a curtail on outside work. We went to the movies and out to dinner as usual on Wednesday with our Boomer's group. We saw Jack Reacher. Good movie.

Nina & Bob from our Discovery group came by to see our refrigerator and cabinet remodel. Nina gave Donna lots of info for the Kindle.

We went to Algodones on Friday to get Bob's hearing aides. Now Donna doesn't have to repeat or hollar at him as much.

Kay & Tom Selisker came over a couple of times to play Pegs & Joker's.

After three days of fasting for tests they were finally over and we packed up to head to Quartzsite for a few weeks.

The bedroom slide wouldn't come in so while Donna pushed the button, Bob pushed the slide in from the outside. We then drove to RV World where we bought the RV. He had to tear apart under the bed to find out that it was a shear pin. Cost a whopping $3.25 and took him 3-4 hours to repair it. They don't make it easy. 

Donna then drove the rig to Quartzsite after filling up with fuel. We pulled into the WIN gathering area on Plomosa Rd. Greeted by a few friends and after seeing Joel we decided to park near him. Our site is away from the WIN's but within walking distance and we have a view out of the windshield instead of looking at another rig. Now if Donna can get Bob to wash the windshield. :)

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