Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quartzsite Revisited

Every year during January there is a huge influx of rver's. The draw? Warmer weather, rv show, lots of vendors selling everything anyone could ever want or may need or NOT need. Friends meet in little groups all over. We parked with the WIN's group first, 
Bob even cleaned the solar panels. We bought new slide toppers. I sat in the sun and read a lot.

To Somewhere Arizona Bar for a burn your own & dancing.

The Win's have a huge ice cream social for all Single's in the area. 

On to the SKP Geochache group. We are right in the middle with all the solar in the air.
While there we reached our 3000 find. 

Went to visit other groups, SKP Boomer's and friends we met thru them.
 Other friends that are scattered all over the desert. It's a fun and busy time.

Quartzsite is known for rockhounds and the Gem & Mineral Show. We spotted these huge geodes. They were taller than we are.

  Sunrises & sunsets are beautiful as is the starlite sky. At night it's so quiet and no bright lights. Lots of activites if one wishes. 4 wheeling, geocaching, hikes, kayaking, dancing and dining to name a few. Campfires and happy hours, card games and just plain visiting. We look forward to this every year and we were so happy we could get away from Yuma and the doctors for a while. 

Going to Quartzsite is a yearly ritual but so is going to the Desert Bar. This year we went with the WIN's group. Bob always like to check out the solar additions. 

There is dancing and loud music.
There were many other groups there and we dined with some people who where parked across the street from us with the Montana RV Group.

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