Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Great Day Spent With Good Friends

Nelida & Dale invited us to join them and Rellene and Ernie on a tour of the museum at the Yuma Proving Grounds. We in turn invited Dee & Bruce to ride along with us.
The Docent, Vince told us what we would be seeing and off we went to the various rooms.
While there we took time out to eat our lunch at the base's Cactus Cafe. On the way back to the museum we passed this huge piece of equipment.
Back inside we saw a picture of the engine that could pull a whole train over any type of terrain. The engine even had room enough for 6 crew members to sleep and eat. An early RV?
After seeing everything, including a couple of movies we headed back to Yuma. Dee & Bruce are geocachers so we stopped along the way back and picked up 5 easy ones.
Then it was a stop off at the VFW for a drink and a few dances.  What a great life we lead. 

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