Sunday, February 24, 2013

Home Again, Home Again. Jiggity Jog

Before arriving at our lot in Kofa we had a busy morning. Went to pay the rent at the Casino. We had breakfast. Some Geocache friends, Glenda & Don came in just as we were finishing up and they sat with us so we visited while they ate. Got the motorhome ready to roll, Donna drove over to Walmart where we parked briefly while Bob went to the Doctor's to get his report on all the tests. He's pleased that everything has turned out fine. Still no clue why the dizziness but it seems lots of our friends are also experiencing it this winter.

Out to Kofa and settled in. Donna did the laundry while Bob watched for our friends Bud and Nancy to arrive. They got to park in the dry camp area right across from us. Windshield to windshield.  Happy hour at our patio with them and Curt & Louise. We are planning on going to Alaska this summer with them.

Bob helped Bud with a small solar problem and did some things around our shed and rig while Donna went into Yuma for banking and shopping.
 In the evening we went out to dinner with Curt, Louise, Art & Pat.

Bud and Nancy continued to have us for coffee time in the mornings. They went siteseeing. We signed them up to be new Escapees. It was about time after 18 years on the road. We announced it at the park's Happy Hour with heavy hor'douvers (dinner).

Went to Algodones one day to show Diane. She had a ball shopping.
We all settled in for a margarita or two before getting in line to cross back. Told Nancy she needed her birth certificate & driver's license to cross but she only brought the certificate. The agent let her back in. Sure protecting our borders.

Saturday there was a yard sale in the park. While Bob was selling, Donna went shopping. Came home with a bag chair that rocks. Can hardly get her out of it now.

After church on Sunday we strolled around the Arizona Marketplace. Again Diane went shopping. I think she likes it out here. We followed that up with dinner at Famous Dave's. We all had enough leftovers for dinner the next day.

Every afternoon we had social hour at our place and we went to their place for coffeetime in the morning.
 One day the boys went to the Cloud Museum, the girls stayed home.

We were sorry to see them leave but we were kept busy with the Annual Meeting at Kofa and then we again sorted out the shed and bays.

Life continued after they left. One of the biggies was the annual meeting at the clubhouse. In the evening there was a burn your own dinner followed by Hail & Fairwell. That was a time to toast the old board and welcome the new board.

We joined Nelida, Dale, Rellene and Ernie for lunch one day at Julianna's and made arrangements to go the the Yuma Proving Grounds for a tour next.

Again we were tied up with Bob getting a second colonscopy in 7 weeks. Despite his NOT being able to take the entire prep they were able to do it. Immediately afterwards we dashed out for lunch. R&R afterwards. Then we joined the SKP's going on a Taco Run at 4pm.  

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