Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Big Event

We moved back to Yuma after 3 wonderful weeks parked with friends in the deserts of Quartzsite.
We parked at the Paradise Casino and immediately left for the Geocacher's Warm-up Event.

The first thing we had to do was log in. We are Fub'd.
 People are gathered around the log and discovering Travel-bugs.
 The best part is to meet geocaching friends.

The next day was the "EVENT". We have been to this event for the past few years. This year they had a goal to make it a MEGA event. Usually 300-400 came but a Mega Event requires 500. No problem, they published it and hit the 500 mark, then the 700 mark, then the 1000 mark and ended up with 1200. 
There were plenty of people there.  The whole lawn filled up later. They had a lunch and served all 1200 people in 20 minutes.

  This man is known as "The Raven". He's from Prescott, AZ and has the most amazing caches. He has invited us to get in touch with him when we are in the area again.

We signed the log here also.

Met old friends.

And spotted an antique GPS. It was made in 1980, cost $1000 and took 24 hours to find a satalite. It is now a Traveling Bug (TB for short). 

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