Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just Jeeping

Well, we got the Jeep. Now what. First things first. Bob has to take off the towing stuff from the "Cheap Jeep" ie the Suzsuki and it will be transferred to the "Not so Cheap Jeep."
Those names came from our Geocaching. We have a TB (travelbug) on our jeep and geocacher's who spot it can claim a TB siteing.

Then, of course, we have to take it down some dirt roads. Not only to get it dirty but to test out the 4-wheeling.

Donna will get lessons on the stick shift as soon as we leave Las Vegas.

We put the Suzsuki on Craigslist and sold it within 3 hours. Donna had to get all the paperwork, insurance etc mailed out to Rapid City for the plates. We are having mail sent to our friends in Boulder City so we get to see Mary Ann & Carl frequently.

Bob is busy planning on the Birthday Bash. Choosing which restaurant to have the party involved eating out a lot. Donna goes for that. No cooking. Then there is renting a van to haul the kids around in for the siteseeing adventures when they get here.

The family has started to arrive. First was Steve and Heidi. They are heading to Kanab, UT for a few days of birding. Steve will sure get close-up pics with that camera lens.

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