Sunday, April 07, 2013

Let the Party Begin

After a busy morning of taking the Jeep & the motorhome to get them set-up for towing we headed to the airport in the rented 12 passenger van to pickup Donna's daughter's Terri & Tracy. Back at Sam's Town we went for breakfast at TGIF. Since it was 10am for us it meant it was 1pm for them so Terri's breakfast was a couple of beers and we just had beverages while Tracy had the real deal. Then we headed out to Lake Mead, Hoover dam and to get our plates for the Jeep at Mary Ann and Carl's. The girls remembered Mary Ann from when they were only 5 & 10 when they lived in NY state. Again dinner at TGIF's after we got the motorhome parked at the Sam's Town RV Park. Everyone crashed early that night.

The next morning Donna & the girls caught the shuttle to Harrah's and then they walked thru the Venetian, Palazzo and Mirage Casino's. Bob in the meantime did some chores around the MH & Jeep then made a trip to the "the Jeep Store" to pick up our new tire cover. "Life is Good". Back together again we made the dicision to go to Main Street Station for the dinner buffet then hung around various casino's until the "Experience" started. Tracy even found a dance partner.

We sat at the machines for over an hour as our feet hurt from walking so much. 

When we got back we sat outside the MH and watched the lights change on the Cannery Casino Hotel. About 10 pm we walked back to Sam's Town to greet Bob's sister Gayle and her friend Bill at the check in. Then we all crashed. It's was a long day.

The next morning we hit the buffet with them and started introducing our families to each other. 
More were added each day.
Mark & Jill arrived.
Wayne & Jerry came in at midnight and we drove them down "The Strip" before taking them to their hotel.

The morning of the party Bob showed up with his long hairdo. Is he afraid of losing his hair now that he is getting older?

Facebook is a wonderful thing. We discovered that some dear friends from Cortez, CO were here in town and we invited them to visit us at Sam's Town and for the "birthday bash". Dan, Marie & Chesney.
And then the "BIG EVENT" We all gathered at the Cabo our favorite Mexican Restaurant at Boulder Station. All 20 of us at one table. Drinks first along with chips and the Salsa Bar.

George & Ron, WIN friends.
Dan, Chesney, Marie and Billie
  Tracy, Terri and Maryann.
Carl & Maryann
 Gayle (Bob's sister) and Bill.
  Mark & Jill (Bob's son & his wife).

Jerry & Wayne (Bob's son & his wife). His cousin Heidi on the right.

Heidi, Steve and the Birthday boy.

Then the main course.

What's a party without the cake.

Even Donna got a present. Her favorites chocolate & lobster all in one.

Then the end of the birthday cake. 


Tami said...

Nice pics! Happy B-Day Bob!

Barbara and Ron said...

Happy Birthday, Bob! Love the cake.

Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Great recap. Enjoyed reading about the planning and now the results for Bob's Birthday Bash. Happy Birthday, Bob