Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And the Party Continued

After the party we loaded up a few carloads and headed to Fremont Street. It was the night before the CMA's and it was so jammed it was shoulder to shoulder. We wouldn't have stayed as long as we did except we couldn't pry Wayne away from looking at the "Tranny". No picture as it would be too ugly for our blog readers.

The next morning we all pretty much rested then in the afternoon we headed to the Bellagio to see the fountain. 
A great view of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris casino.

Inside we walked around the Atrium. The flowers were beautiful. It was their "Spring" display.

We were all busy taking pictures.
Then it was over to the Chocolate Fountain. New this year was the chocolate gown.

 Most of us gathered at the Olive Garden for dinner. The ladies must have had plenty of "vino".
We woke up one morning and the party was over. The guests had left and it was the REAL Birthday DAY. Donna treated him to Billie Bob's special filet mignon dinner. Ellen, the lady at the next table was celebrating her birthday also. We exchanged names and addresses and we will be seeing them some year when we get to Burney, CA again. They even have a hookup site for us.

Returned the van on Tuesday, ran a lot of errands. Had the MH washed as it rained and was very dirty. They even washed the Jeep. Out shopping for groceries (hitting the desert far from civilization to unwind). Dinner and movie was to follow. The movie was extremely LOUD and there was a family their talking as tho they were in their living room including the cell phone. We got our money back and went and gambled a bit. Made a little more.

Moved to peace and quiet out on Lake Mead about 54 miles from where we were. As we were heading to one place the jello shook. We drove out thru this beautiful scenery and yes, there were "more red rocks".

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