Monday, April 22, 2013

Vacation Over

We left Echo Bay and went 35 miles to another part of Lake Mead. It's called Government Wash. We had never stayed there before so tried it.
We had a great view out the windshield. It was very hot. The thermometer read 100. 

We took our chairs outside and sat in the shade and slight breeze and read. Other great views from the MH.

The next morning we drove down closer to water.

Then we headed 23 miles back to the 1000 Trails in Las Vegas. It was hot here but we had hookups and and ran both AC's. Out to dinner at Bonito Michaocan a Mexican Restaurant that our waiter at IHop also works at. Great food but it was our waiter's night off. We went to Henderson as Bob had found a jeeper there that was selling bumpers. Bob bought one.

The next morning we went to the IHOP to complain to the waiter that he wasn't there last night. We did some more shopping (for liquor) and bolts. Back at home Bob worked most of the day putting the hitch plate on the back of the Jeep. While he was doing that Donna was busy cleaning the inside from all the desert dust. Out to dinner at TGIF's at Sam's Town. We hit the slots and Bob came out $20 richer and Donna $11. Paid for dinner. Over to Walmart for some major shopping to fill our pantry. We haven't decided where to travel this summer but we will be prepared because it will be out in the boondocks and away from city restaurants.

Up early on Thursday. Bob took the Jeep in to get a rack installed on the jeep and a general check-up for it. We are wanting to get a car top carrier since our Jeep is smaller and the back is stuffed with stuff. Donna sorted out the groceries and reloaded the "Pantry" among other things while he was gone.

The pedestal for our hookups developed a major leak under it. Since it was both the water & electric Donna reported it to the park ranger then moved the electric cord over to the unoccupied next site's hookup. We decided to stay an extra day so we moved directly across the street to that site.

Bob went and bought at a basket for the top of the rack then we both went to REI and got a waterproof bag that will fit in the basket and hold our camping gear.

Stopped by at Walmart and Donna got her summer hair cut. Out to dinner with our new neighbor's Bob & Jackie at the Mexican restaurant where we had the birthday party, then back at the park we sat out and talked and drank wine for a couple of hours.

Time to head north.

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Sharon & Ron said...

Government Wash looks deserted, did you like it out there? Wish the lake wasn't so low, but, still looks beautiful. Have a great summer and we'll see ya in Yuma next winter!