Saturday, April 27, 2013

Virgin River Gorge

We stayed one night along the Virgin River Gorge area on I15. As we entered the gorge this was one of the views.
 There is a BLM campground without hookups we stayed for $4 for the night. It was hot here but we managed to sit in the shade.
Our campsite.
Nice neighbors except for this snake in a bush.

We did a 4 wheel drive across the way for about 5 miles. The only wild life we saw were these cattle at their watering hole.
 The Yucca trees were bearing fruit.
 There was "More Red Rock"
Some pretty cactus in bloom.
 Back at the campsite we enjoyed the views. 
We would have stayed longer but bugs were biting Donna.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That is an amazing place, isn't it? Are you heading for the Elks in St. George?