Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back home in Cortez, CO

We left Page and drove thru northern AZ to the 4 Corner's Area. It's very scenic and Bob took these pretty pictures along the way.

Back home you ask? Home was formally Ohio. We have been coming to Cortez quite frequently and always stayed at the Elk's Lodge. Our first time there we meet a wonderful couple, Dan & Marie who invited us to there home for a party. Marie mentioned that her mother had passed away and she was now an orphan, sooooo we adopted her. They came to Bob's birthday party in Las Vegas when we found out thru Facebook that they were there.

After settling in at the Elk's we called them and they came over. Much to our surprise the Lodge had raised their camping rates from $5 to $15 for DRY camping. Dan said they would move some stuff in their side yard and by 10 am the next day were were all settled in. 

That evening they were having another party so we quickly pitched in with the cooking and cleaning. Maybe the RENT is higher here.

A wonderful party with lots of food and friends. Mike and Wendy who are Boomer & Geocacher friends were invited also. Turns out they have been "around the corner" neighbors for years but had never met.

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