Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Lone Rock

It was getting cold over at Mt. Carmel. We had intended to go north from there on Rt 89 but we checked the weather and instead headed south on 89. We stopped at Lone Rock Campground on Lake Powell, 9 miles west of Page, AZ. Our campsite sits high on a hill with commanding views of the lake and all the rock/mountains. Watching the sun and shadows on them was mind boggling.
Someone asked why we were so far from the lake when RV's go down within 20' of the water and park on the beach. There was heavy winds and at times we could hardly see them.

We took several drives while were here in and around Page. This was an interesting formation and we saw quite a few of them.
At an overlook we could see Wahweep Marina

and the Glen Canyon Dam.

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