Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jeeping Moab

We left Cortez and headed to Moab for some jeeping. We are staying at a friend's home. Millie just loves us WIN's. There are two others here. Handlebar Jim and Tom Phipps. Her lot is huge as is her house. Her husband Tex built it. It sits on the Colorado River. 

 And our view is very pretty.

Tom invited Bob to go 4 wheeling with a few people who belong to the FMCA Jeeper's. We have joined them. This was rated "Hard" so Donna stayed home. She did go out to a turn out along the river to watch there first part of the trail.
 Can you see her. She's in front but her back was turned to the action.

Away they go. 
 Once up there they had a great view of Moab & the valley.

Then they had to come back down.


Barbara C said...

Looks very familiar we did 4 wheeling but not as rough as you guys. Love that area, well I love all of Utah.

Barbara and Ron said...

Beautiful pictures. That is the place to 4-wheel, but it's not for me.

Barbara & Tom said...

OK. Another small world sighting. Our friends, Bill and Jo Strong, members of our FMCA Golden Spike chapter were on the same Jeepers outing. The pictures were almost the same.