Monday, May 20, 2013

Mineral Bottom on Green River

In 2007 the WIN's put together a 2 week canoe trip for 120 miles. There was a half-way point where we got restocked with supplies. Today we drove down to that site. It dropped about 1000' and there were many hairpin curves and sharp drop offs. These pictures are beautiful.

We camped near here.
 Our GPS shows how twisty the road was.
These cars didn't make it.

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Jim said...

Hi Donna and Bob,
I tried to enjoy your photos...but!
When I click on them to enlarge photo comes up and will not advance to the next photo. When I try to go backwards by using the back arrow...I get dumped from you Blog and have to re-enter to continue. reading. Randy has the same problem when I try to look aat his photos. Must be a Blgspot problem. Keeping chugging along!!!