Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sego Canyon

We took a long drive north of Moab and even north of I70. It was in the 4 wheeling book and sounded interesting. Along the way we saw some pretty rock formations in the Book Cliffs area.

 An old cowboy cabin has seen better days.
 Bob thought this rock looked like an Indian Head.

The town of Sego was a mining community and has now been abandoned.
We guess this was part of the old road into Sego. 

Then we spied the General Store but it wasn't open for business.

We kept driving up the canyon until we reached this spot and turned around. The mountains in the distance are the La Sal Mts where we cooled off a couple of days before.

Coming back down we had nice views too.

 This tree root was at least 20' high.
 Rusty stuff.
 Old cemetary for Sego.

And even older art work.

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