Monday, May 27, 2013

Up the Colorado River on Rt 128

Route 128 out of Moab heads NE toward I70 and Colorado. It is a very pretty drive. We have gone part way up many times but not all the way. 
 We took a side road called Onion Creek. We crossed the creek 20 times counting both ways.
 The next road was just a mile away and it took us to Fisher Towers.
The view looking back from the towers was just as pretty.

 We continued along the river
 until we came to historic Dewey Bridge.

Pretty flowers too.
 The Interstate bypassed this town and look what happened to it.

 But there was a geocache there.

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Judy Luke Rinehimer said...

Just curious ... when traveling these backroads, what type of maps do you use? Do you set a gps to mark your start and track your routes? That Jeep is going to need a bath after all those river crossings!