Friday, June 07, 2013

Alcova Reservoir

We moved to Alcova Reservoir about 30 miles south of Casper, WY. It is a county park and was just beautiful. Donna went out on this point for a geocache. Click on the pic and you will see our motorhome.
Bob stayed back and waved at her.
There were two couples there fishing right in front of us.They asked to use our picnic table to eat dinner. We ate inside.
 Then we watched the sunset. Several pretty pictures.
And a jet boat running around.
The next morning we had another family visit us.
Then we took a long drive thru several canyons, along pretty rivers, saw a couple of dams and lakes.

Miracle Mile. Famous for trout fishing. 

Kortez & Seminoe Dam's.

Seminoe Lake
  Sand dunes on way to Rawlins.
 Pronghorn are every where.
 The Devil's Gate.
Stopped at Morgan Creek Morman Trail Museum.
The Morman's pulled these hand carts across the country.
Independance Rock with names carved in it.
Before we left to head north we took a drive to Pathfinder Lake and Fremont Canyon. More pretty country.

 Then back to Alcova Lake.

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Barbara and Ron said...

That looks like a great spot. Glad to see you left hot Moab.