Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sheridan WIN's

At Sheridan we stayed 8 miles out of town and had this wonderful view out our dinette window.
 Our group toured the Trail's End Museum. The home of John Kendrick who was a WY governor in 1914 and the US Senate in 1914. 
Downtown we watched rope making.
We had 3 days of T-storms and hail.
We had circle in the evening and hugs in the morning.
We took a trip to the Little Bighorn Battlefield where Custer was killed fighting the Indians.
This must be a women's TeePee.
Took a differnet way home and got a little dirty.
The group hiked the Tongue Canyon. We didn't hike because of Donna's ankle but drove out to the trailhead. Notice the two arches.
There was a 100 miles foot race. Lots of people.
We went up Rt 14 for some pretty views and geocaching.
This spot is called Fallen City.
 The group went to the Elk's Lodge for dinner and dancing.

 Back home we had a beautiful sunset.

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