Monday, June 17, 2013

FMCA Rally in Gillette

We arrived at the Camplex in Gillette, WY for the FMCA Rally. It was their 50th year anniversary. Over 2600 motorhomes showed up. They parked about 800 rigs everday from 8am to 2pm. This is the row we are on. Packed in.

Lots of friends are here also and we got together for dinner one night.

Thanks to Facebook Donna found a friend from her workplace in Ohio. Marybeth and Donna had a good visit and Bob visited with some men who had friends is common.

The storms seem to follow us this summer and we had two big ones come thru with hail, winds and lots of rain.

 We were surrounded by about 5-6 inches of water. Bob had to pull the car up to the steps for us to exit and enter it. Then when we were leaving he had to don his garbage bag boots.

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