Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sundance Kids

After we waded out of the mud in Gillette we headed east to Sundance, WY. We stayed in the NFCG last summer on the west side.  Donna found one on the east side. Great view, alone most of the time. It was a horse camp at the other end and it was very quiet.

The "Super Moon" and wildlife were beautiful.
We took a pretty drive, geocaching and finding "More Red Rock".
Up in the Big Horn mountains we herded some cows and got the jeep real shitty.Saw some old rusty stuff.
 A day trip to Rapid City to renew our license plates, some shopping and meeting John for lunch.The rest of the time we stayed home, rested, washed the MH and read a lot.

On our way to another rally we stopped in town for breakfast and met this wonderful couple. She an ordered two pancakes and they were so huge the filled a platter. She gave Donna one and we moved to their table for conversation. They were here for a Goldwing rally and had just met a few months ago. They liked our story and we now have new friends Don & Connie. May even see them on the road in a few years when Don retires.


Barbara C said...

That is what I miss meeting new people and finding out about them. said...

Had a nice time at Las Margarita's, too short. Loved the ventriloquist act last night, very talented.