Monday, July 15, 2013

Beautiful Back Roads

We took a long day's drive on beautiful back roads from Tensleep to Shell Falls Canyon.
 Medicine Lodge State Archaeological site had lots of Indian petroglyphics.
 And interesting rock formations.
 Along the way we spotted this hill
 and discovered a huge carion on top.
More interesting rock formations and "Red Rocks" once we arrived on Rt. 14 heading to Shell Canyon.

At last Shell Falls.
 More scenery on 14.
 Of course we geocached and one brought us to this one room school house.
Another day we drove to the top of the ski lift looking down on Meadowlark Lake. Our campground was down the road on the far left at the top of the lake.

Along the way we encountered this meadow full of lupine.
This was an interesting geocache called "Upsidedown Man"
 More pretty red cliffs.

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Barbara and Ron said...

What a beautiful drive! Oh, we just left the Moose in Great Falls. Jeff (I think that's right) says 'HI'