Monday, July 22, 2013

Jeep Rally-Lander

The first day of the Jeep Rally there was a party at the City Park.
 Everyone registered for the rally and what trails they wanted to do. We attended the first timers meeting and the trail leader's meeting. Bob had volunteered to lead one of the trails.

The next day we went on a trail called the Bison Basin. Started with 5 cars. One turned back because he was having fuel problems. The next one to turn back had a flat tire.
We stopped for lunch at this old cabin.

The refrigerator was now a BIG bird nest.

Back at where we started Donna spied this 1928 Indy 500 race car and it was on it's way to another race.

Across the highway were Morman kids reenacting the Morman's on their trail to Salt Lake City.
That evening we had a small group of deer right outside our motorhome. 

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