Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Historic Jeep Trail in Lander

23 Jeeps lined up to go on the Historic Tour. A local man who works for the National Forest Service led us.
One of our first stops was at this overlook of Red Canyon.
 We made a long line on the highway..

Luckily there were lots of passing lanes

One of our first stops was at a Buffalo Jump. Indians would stampeed thousand of them over a cliff then harvest everything they needed.
Afterwards we followed the Oregon/Morman/California trail.
 Past old ranches.
 Went to the town of South Pass.

Onto Atlantic City for lunch next to the teepee.
 Came back to Lander via Red Canyon WildLife Management
Saw a lot of "More Red Rocks"

Bob thinks this would make a good fixer upper.

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Barbara and Ron said...

How fun! It looks like you're getting your full enjoyment out of that jeep.