Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doing Dubois

Dubois is 75 miles from Lander. We were thinking of relocating there but the weather in the Teton's and Yellowstone where we would go from there was too cool. We shook the jello and decided to head south toward Colorado but didn't want to miss Dubois so a day trip was in order.

We stopped in
so we could go to Sacajawea's gravesite. The Shoshone claim she was of their tribe and died when she was a very old women. Donna traveled the Lewis & Clark trail in 2004 and an Indian historian in Newtown, ND said she was of a different tribe and died a young women. Who knows but here is one grave.
Further down the road there was Crowheart Butte. It reminded us of Devil's Tower.
Of course what is a trip without "more red rock"
Bob likes this purple rock
We drove around Dubois and saw these statues.
And lots of antlers.
After touring the Big Horn Sheep Museum and having lunch at the Cowboy Cafe we took a side trip to the wintering habitat as some big horns were spotted there last week. We didn't get to see any but it was a pretty trip.

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