Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Leaving Landers we followed a lot of the trails. Stopped at this monument that told of the Indians and travelers using this mountain as a way point.
 We headed for Rawlins/Sinclair. There was a BLM campground where we could stay free.

We went into the town of Sinclair. It used to be privately owned by oil producers and was know as Parco. After Sinclair bought them all out the name was changed.

The Parco Inn hosted many important people. Ameilia Eahart, Clark Gable and President Roosevelt. It is now the Baptist Church. The pastor invited us in and told us about the inn. There was a fountian in the dining room that held trout and a guest could pick out the trout they wanted to eat.

In Rawlins we went to the Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum.

While we were out that day siteseeing and geocaching Bob lost one of his hearing aids. The next day we went and retraced where we went the day before and found a parade going on for the Fair that was starting on Sunday.
We met this lovely lady Mavis who was widowed last fall and just bought a motorhome. We had to tell her all about our life style and we all chased after the candy thrown at us.

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Keith Johnson said...

Great pics, looks amazing. Looks like you're definitely enjoying your trip. I need to visit.

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