Monday, August 05, 2013

Scenic Byways

Leaving Rawlins area we started heading south for the winter. Just like the white pelicans you see in picture on Saratoga Lake. Sam our clown is a diver and he loves when we park near water.
We drove the scenic byways in south central WY. over two long days. The first was Battle Pass Byway from Encampment toward Baggs. Along the way we spotted a BIG bear. Wildlife never poses for us so all we got were butt shots.
Along the way we came to this lake where Thomas Edison fished. The plaque tells the story.

At the small town of Savery, pop 25, there was an amazing museum. We stopped for a geocache there and again it had taken us to a great location. The docent, Elizabeth came out and greeted us. She told us she was planning on buying a 5th wheel and start full-timing so we bent her ear.
 All the buildings have been moved here and the museum housed priceless antiques. This blanket was made of wood fiber called Tapa cloth.
There was a lot of work went into this quilt. Not only the hand quilting but the embroidery of each square. 
This truck Bob really liked. A 1947 Crosley.

Our second byway was the Snowy Range Byway. We left home and took a dirt road out of Saratoga to the byway. Along the way we admired these creative fence posts.

The highway kept climbing until we were at 10,600' and the mountain peaks were beautiful. There was even snow still in the crevices.
Marie Lakethen Mirror Lake

We came back thru the Medicine Bow NF. It was suppose to be a straight shot from the town of Albany over to Encampment but because of logging and the signage not being correct it was a very long drive and we ended up back in Colorado about 60 miles southeast of Encampment. Upon reaching Encampment we stopped at their museum.

We didn't want to take a tour and their buildings were locked so we wandered around. Did find their claim to fame and you must read the sign to understand why.

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